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Create a Breaking Bad Walter White Halloween Costume

Regular Walter White Face

Hey people! So, Breaking Bad has been done for a while (so sad) but still lingers in all our memories. That means for Halloween 2014, Walter White is STILL going to be a hot costume for the male folk. Dressing as Walt is not expensive, has a timeless cool factor and brings up many great memories when people see you at the Halloween Party. Yes, dressing as Walter White is an amazing icebreaker!

Now if you’re wanting to be the perfect Walter White you need to have an eye for detail. When dressing as dear old Walt, there are some easy options and some harder options. But you have choice!

We’ve listed each option of Walter White costume in order of ease when getting your costume together.

1. Regular Walt

Walt is a great choice because he has a few key elements in his appearance, which make it easy to create a costume from things you mostly already have. Regular Walter White Face Walter White with Jesse Breaking Bad Walter White and Jesse Talking

What you need:

  1. A bald cap (or this bald cap) (or just shave your head if you dare)
  2. For early Walt, a fake mustache – reddish-brown, or grow one.
    For later-series Walt, a full goatee.
    Choose your preference.
    You’re better off growing your own. Worst case you could mascara to shade your upper lip.
  3. If you don’t want to/can’t grow a goatee – you could spend a couple of bucks and stick one on! Since we first started this site, nearly 10 years ago, we’ve noticed that fake facial hair has improved a lot!
  4. Large, Aviator-style, rectangle wire-rimmed glasses (check your local thrift shop or get these)
  5. A button-up shirt. This can be checked, or a single color such as green, blue, purple, or beige.
  6. (Optional) a white t-shirt underneath the button up. Make sure the t-shirt collar is visible.
  7. Light/dark dress pants with belt (tuck the shirt in)
  8. (Optional) A zip-up jacket with collar. Wear it open. These types of jackets are often called Golf jackets
    1. Here’s a good cheap one
    2. Here’s another
  9. Dark or brown loafers.

A final note: you can vary the shade of your clothes to create a more/less evil Walt. Choose lighter hues for a more innocent Walt; and go darker for devious, evil Walt.

2. Heisenberg

Heisenberg Hat and Sunglasses To appear as Heisenberg, you take the above costume and change it a little bit:

What You Need

  1. A black Pork Pie hat with hat band. It has to have a flat top.Now proper brand new Pork Pie hats aren’t cheap (can be over $100 new) so again check your local thrift shop. To get Heisenberg right, the hat is the most important item, so here are a few places you can get it online. The cheapest place we found was on Ebay:
  2. Replace the regular glasses with some wrap-around sunglasses. When shopping, look for ‘Terminator style’, or ‘Wayfarer’/’Rounded rectangular’ shape. A safe bet is this $11 pair from Amazon – or these are cool too for $12.99.
  3. It’s OK to have a mustache or a goatee, but my pick would be to stick with the mustache.

3. Lost-the-Plot Walt

Walter White in Underwear

This one requires some balls because you have to show up to the Halloween party in your undies!

What You Need

  1. Brown high-top loafers like these
  2. Brown socks with diamond pattern such as these
  3. White mens briefs – you need the classic Dad underwear 🙂
  4. Green button-down collared shirt with pocket
  5. As above, large, Aviator-style, clear rectangle wire-rimmed glasses;
  6. … and a Walt mustache (it’ll be best to grow your own for this one)
  7. (Optional) Fake Beretta pistol (Decide on whether carrying a gun around to a Halloween party will be good for your health!) I would suggest this replica Beretta M92F M9 Pistol because it looks very similar to the picture above BUT it can’t be mistaken for a real gun AND it’s a lighter so you can look the part and help people light up too!

4. Walt the Meth Cook

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Yellow Hazmat suits Walter White & Jesse Pinkman relaxing in hazmat suits Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Yellow Meth Cook Suits Walter White Meth Cook suit

What You Need

  1. Yellow Hazmat Suit – you have some choices with this one:
    • You can get a REAL Dupont hazmat suit from Amazon or Ebay
      or for about $15 elsewhere – this is a good option if you require such a suit in your regular life.. err.. well some people must!
  2. Black respirator mask with red or white filters
    1. These 3M ones are pretty close if you want red filters
  3. Blue chemical resistant gloves
    1. These ones are the real deal
  4. As above, Walter White glasses and goatee
  5. White t-shirt for underneath
  6. (Optional) Blue plastic chips in a clear plastic bag (the fruits of your labor!) – y
  7. ou can get this here as candy, which is great for Halloween!

So now you have everything you need to pull off an authentic WW costume. Go out there and get inspired! And if you need even more inspiration, we’ve collected a bunch of pictures of committed Halloween junkies who’ve done Walter White already. And if you are looking for a REALLY specific outfit, then you NEED to check out Walt’s Wardrobe – so cool!

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How to Dress Like Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

Jesse Pinkman with Walter White on Desert Road

While Walter White Halloween costumes are pretty straight forward due to the five main looks he had in the show, Jesse Pinkman doesn’t have quite the same defining characteristics. When paired with a Walt costume (if you show up to the Halloween party with your buddy) you can easily don a yellow hazmat suit and be Walt’s sous-meth-chef, but if you’re on your lonesome you need to get more serious to show your essence de Pinkman.

To dress like Jesse it’s pretty easy and you should be able to throw an outfit together without buying much. But don’t forget! It’s all about attitude. You gotta slouch! Forget everything you know about posture and look at the ground.

Now down to the dress:

Jesse Pinkman with Walter White on Desert Road

Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad in a White t-shirt

Overall you need to pick dark colors at least for the jeans and sneakers.

  1. Jeans – dark denim, low cut and baggy. Something like these G-Stars are about right but you probably already have something in your closet.
  2. T-shirt – if it’s cold you wear a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath.
  3. I would go with a black or dark t-shirt, but lighter colors are OK if they have a cool design. It could be plain or have an angry design on it. Something with skulls or anti-capitalism motifs.
  4. Dark sneakers – anything from a skater shop.
  5. (Optional) grey beanie with stripe. Early Jessie wore the beanie a lot, but in later episodes he usually didn’t have it. My suggestion is that if you don’t have a shaved head you should definitely go with the headwear. If you are shorn then you can choose based on your preference.

If you want to be comfortable for Halloween then dressing as Jesse Pinkman is perfect. You get to wear regular clothes. You may have to occasionally remind people who you are but if you persuade one of your buddies to go as Walt then you’re golden.

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Real People Dressed as Walter White

Guy dressed as Walter White Meth Cook

Let’s give some props to these guys who’ve already done the work to create an amazing Halloween costume. I think you’ll agree: they look just like our favorite meth-cooking Chemistry teacher.

Guy dressed as Walter White Meth Cook

Nicely done. Combining the meth cook hazmat suit, the checked shirt, Walt glasses, goatee, and even some fake blue meth!

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