Fatwa Larry David

** SPOILER ALERT – get up to date with Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm if you haven’t already **

Here’s some classic Larry pics to make sure you don’t see the spoiler below!

Larry David nativity scene
Larry offending Joseph in the nativity scene he hired to set up outside his house.

larry david in curb your enthusiasm trying to explain a swastika needlepoint to suzie
Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm trying to explain a swastika needlepoint created by a friend’s child to Suzie

OK, we warned you!

Now here comes the spoiler:

Larry has to wear a disguise, but why?

Larry David in his Fatwa disguise
Larry David in his Fatwa Disguise

Dear Larry David has gotten himself in a fair bit of trouble in this season of Curb. Larry has created a new musical “Fatwa, the Musical”, which is about Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and the resulting fatwa declared against him. While promoting it on Kimmel, Larry goes too far when making fun of the Ayatollah and ends up being the target of a fatwa on himself.

As a result, he has to wear a disguise whenever he goes out in public. And now you can join in all the fun and dress just like Fatwa Larry for this Halloween!

How to look like Larry David in his Fatwa Disguise

So this one is pretty straightforward but attention to detail his key.

You’re going to need:

  1. A men’s silvery-white wig
  2. A men’s silvery-white mustache
  3. Tortoise-shell thick rimmed glasses
  4. A black t-shirt
  5. A checked shirt
  6. A khaki military-style overcoat
  7. Blue jeans

The wig

Larry’s silvery-white wig is nearly shoulder length, slightly wavy, and is kind of a dated style, which makes it challenging to find a ready-made wig. I suggest buying a longer wig and cutting it to the right length. I’m pretty sure that’s what the costume design people on Curb did because the wig has kind of uneven tips and looks badly cut.

If you’re in a hurry this wig is already the right length but isn’t quite the right color. You should be able to comb/gel it into the right style pretty easily.

If you have a bit more time, here are some white/silver wigs that have the right tone and length. Luckily the boom in cosplay really helps us out here!

  1. This one from Merishair
  2. Or this one from Swiking
  3. And another from Soulwigger

The mustache

Larry’s mustache looks like a good quality one. That’s not us. This one is pretty close and will definitely do the job for cheap.

Larry’s tortoise glasses

Now it wasn’t easy finding the right glasses but we did it!

  1. This pair is super cheap and has a clear, non-prescription lens so it won’t mess with your eyes.
  2. These ones are the most accurate we found and are non-prescription also.
  3. These ones are not quite accurate but they have comically thick frames, so they’ll do well in the Fatwa costume.

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