The Hiding in a Pile of Leaves Halloween Gag

A Pile of Leaves to Hide In for your Halloween Gag

Here’s a fun gag I heard of somewhere. It’s for those in the Northern hemisphere who are going into Fall. It’s easy to do and sure to freak people out!

  1. Rake up a lot of dry leaves into a large pile near your front door. The pile needs to be wide enough and high enough for you (or your designated monster/ghoul) to hide in.
  2. Set up your front yard ready for trick or treating. Put up a sign near the pile saying something like “Watch out for Monsters!”
  3. Once it gets a little dark, make sure there is no one around and then hide in the leaves.
  4. Make sure the person handing out candy has a camera ready to go!
  5. Wait for kids to come trick or treating. Once they knock on the door, start rustling the leaves and making scary sounds. Just do this for a few seconds.
  6. Once they forget about the noises, jump out of the pile of leaves, screaming and roaring.
  7. Share your photos of scared kids with us on Facebook and Twitter! 🙂

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